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Home Landscaping Greenhouse Irrigation Maggie's Page Contact Us (978) 688-5143 Bark Mulch Blowing With our bark blowing machines we can install bark mulch quicker, easier, and with more consistency than doing it all by hand.  This translates to savings for you.  We can also reach into hard to get at areas, around bushes and around your delicate flowers, with minimal foot traffic.  Depth can be anywhere from a thin layer to freshen color, to several inches, all applied with mechanical consistency guided by our skilled operators.  Even difficult slopes, normally a tough job with workers and wheel barrows, can be readily and evenly blown using our machines.  We can apply any of our bark mulches; come by and choose your favorite, and get a quote.
ATTENTION Landscape Contractors:  We can blow-in your  mulch for you, saving you the time consuming and labor intensive  task of your doing it manually.  And, as a professional courtesy, we guarantee not to compete for your clients’ business.  Contact us.
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Bark Blowing
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